Who We Are

Sara Stefanski

As a graduate of Columbia University with an M.S. in Sustainability Management, an undergraduate with a B.S. in Environmental Management, a Red Cross disaster relief volunteer, and having lived overseas for several years, I have a passion for serving the environment and the people who live in it.  Given the opportunity to make a positive impact on human lives and the environment is not only personally fulfilling, but I believe to be important on a communal, national, and international scale.  Diplomacy, generosity, and humanitarianism are qualities and skills that are crucial to making today’s national and international societies and relationships successful. That being said, the sustainability of our environment is innately intertwined with how we can progress as a human race, and my goal is to convince people of the importance of making small changes in their daily routines to help with this necessity.



Geisha is a 12 year old Siberian Husky, who is a constant reminder to me that I cannot focus solely on myself. Her simple needs – food, clean water, shelter, sense of community- are things that every human being (and other types of animals) require. With her around, I am able to balance selflessness without losing myself, and apply that balance to the “bigger picture”.

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