The Power of Nature

The recent tragedy in Japan reminded me of how strong nature is. With all the precautions and architectural technology the Japanese had in place, they did mange to avoid an even worse disaster. But it’s clear, when watching the videos of houses being swept away by the tsunami like toys, just how strong the Earth is.

Check out this article:

Japan’s Earthquake Shifted Balance of the Planet

“The 9.0 magnitude quake… shifted Eastern Japan towards North America by about 13 feet. The quake also shifted the earth’s axis by 6.5 inches, shortened the day by 1.6 microseconds, and sank Japan downward by about two feet. As Japan’s eastern coastline sunk, the tsunami’s waves rolled in.”

Amazing. They are still not through- let’s keep our fingers crossed that the nuclear situation will not escalate any further.

To help Japan, donate here or text “RedCross” to 90999  for a $10 donation.


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