The Case for Optimism

In this article recently written by Bill Clinton in Time magazine, 5 areas where there has been progress and success in the world are described:

1. Technology

2. Health

3. Economy

4. Equality

5. Justice

Clinton describes a few examples for each category where there has been measurable advancement – and reminds us that there is good going on in the world, regardless of the bad that still exists.

Of course we should always be aware of the issues that plague society from all the above areas – but perhaps instead of being in the mindset of, “This sucks”, “This policy or politician is going to RUIN the world/economy”, “I hate everything”, “The world is going to hell in a hand-basket” – we should focus more on the good that exists and collaborate to figure out how to help those who are less fortunate that us. Instead of narrowly focusing on ourselves and what we DON’T have – we should think about what we DO have, and how (especially as Americans) we have it way better than a majority of people around the world.

For example: Instead of sitting around in your nice house on your comfortable couch thinking about how universal health care is going to “destroy your way of life” and “kill democracy” – maybe you should think about how lucky we are to even have the option and have access to health care – and how unfair it is that some people cannot afford to go to the doctor for even basic care. Or worse, live in a place where there is little to no access to a doctor.

Point being – with a little optimism in place of negativity – things don’t have to seem all that bad. Media tends to focus on the negative because it grabs more attention. If a person is so “sick of what’s going on” that they stop reading the news and stop listening to what leaders are saying – they will miss the good news as well. There are still many examples of inequality, injustice, and bad policies around the world – but there are just as many positive things happening.

Chin up :)




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