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Advancements in Combatting Rhino Poaching

I recently spoke with a school-friend who is from and currently lives/works in South Africa. I came across an article about South Africa throwing around the idea of legalizing rhino horn, in an effort to save the species… Read More

Meatless Mondays

Check out this great argument for ‘Meatless¬†Mondays’ (or any other days!) A Meat Lover Says Yes to Meatless Monday Seriously, one day of no meat will not kill you. Read about the benefits of reducing your meat intake:… Read More

The Dark Side of Human Nature

THIS POST IS AN EXTREMELY DISTURBING ACCOUNT OF POACHING IN AFRICA.¬† ¬† The following is from an email I received from a classmate (sorry for the formatting issues). This topic is not the norm on this blog, but… Read More