Throw Out Your Trash a Little More Responsibly

You can find these biodegradable trash bags at Duane Reade for about $9 (40ct). They are the only biodegradable ones I’ve found that are a decent price, as strong as normal plastic trash bags, and easy to find. According to the box, they degrade “within 12-24 months when disposed of in a landfill or soil in the presence of oxygen, heat & stress”. That is way, WAY faster than regular plastic!

**Clean and Easy Drinking Water

1.5 million children die every year of illnesses related with unsafe drinking water.
884 million people do not even have access to safe water supplies- which equates to about one in eight people in the world (, 2010). These places include Kenya, Rwanda, Pakistan, India, El Salvador, and Argentina. Even California has political issues with ensuring the safety of it’s own drinking water.

With only 10 cents per day, an item the size of a ketchup packet can change the lives of thousands of people in places where suitable drinking water is not available. This item is a powder which purifies 2.5 gallons of any type of water in only 20 minutes.

Check out the links below for more information on it, and a video on how it works:


Watch the Video on How it Works Site (easy read from good sources)

California 2010 Water Bond (PDF)