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I came across this a few days ago at a ShopRite in Westchester. They are selling locally grown produce in the produce section of the store, encouraging people to buy locally. Great!!

When you buy locally, you are saving lots of energy in terms of transportation costs, and you’re supporting your local community. A lot of the time local farms are organic (farms near bigger towns or cities tend to be smaller, so it’s more likely family run), which saves you from ingesting some pesticides and preservatives as well. Depending on the season, local produce can also be cheaper – but sometimes it is just as expensive as the imported

stuff – the more important point is that by buying locally, you are supporting reduced carbon emissions and getting a fresher product.

I also found these coffee filters (see bottom picture) in my favorite pharmacy store, Duane Reade:

These are compostable and sustainably produced coffee filters. The back of the box says, “FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, is an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible forest management through a rigorous certification system which certifies well-managed forests and the products that come from their wood… Yearly more than 30 million acres of natural forests are destroyed by illegal logging and land clearance for development or agriculture. When you buy If You Care FSC Certified Coffee Filters, you know that the paper came from forests that comply with the most rigorous environmental and social standards…”

Basically, they get their paper from well-managed forests and do not use chlorine to treat it. They also use recycled paper for their packaging and mention that while it’s biodegradable, it should be recycled.

I checked out their website, and they sell many home items with similar features.

Check them out!


Here is also the link to the Forest Stewardship Council– the people who certify many sustainable forest practices and products.

Points to Duane Reade for constantly having environmentally friendly products that are new and not easily found everywhere (actually, on the website they don’t even mention Duane Reade, but you can also get this brand at Whole Foods).


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