Is the Government Really That Bad?

There is a lot of controversy in this country (and many others) regarding politics and our elected officials. Most people you ask will have some sort of opinion on the subject, and the majority of those opinions will be negative.

Why do we have such a negative view on the people we elect? Is it because of the “facts” that we have “read up” on? (where is it that you’re getting your information from??) Or is it, more likely in my opinion, the way the media spins their image?

I bring this up because working towards a sustainable future will undoubtedly need government funding, man-power, and know how. Consider the amount of issues the government is expected to tackle on a daily basis- terrorism, health care, the economy, poverty, international relations, infrastructure, the environment (and we all expect them to tackle them WELL, don’t we?). That’s not to mention the smaller, currently well run processes like the mail system, roadways, water supplies, waste removal-  just to name a few – So, should we really be putting that much blame on the government if they can’t do every single thing right every single time?

Granted, I certainly don’t agree with everything the government does with my tax money. Of course there are things I would change and object to. Everything is not perfect. That doesn’t mean that the world is crashing down and nothing will ever get done.

Personally, while I think that the government will need to play a crucial role in progressing forward with this whole sustainability business, I really don’t believe we should be sitting around waiting for them to take the lead or bear the majority of the burden. After all, it is mainly the private sector and individual consumption that contributes to pollution and unsustainable business practices.

Below is an excerpt from one of my text books regarding how some people view bureaucrats:


What is your opinion?


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