How Vaccines Work


Here is a great link to a simple explanation of how vaccines work in our bodies. Lately it seems many people have forgotten their basic biology lessons:

How Vaccines Work

It also seems some people are skeptical of herd immunity:

Herd Immunity

I have been finding myself wondering if parents who do not vaccinate, because of the ‘risks’ involved, also do not take their children outside (germs, allergies, too much sun, random gun fire, asteroids), clean their house (chemicals = dangerous), feed them food (choking hazard), drive them in cars (FAR more likely scenario of a car accident), let them play with toys (strangling, choking), or put them in any other situation that has a substantially higher risk of injury/death.

As a non-mother, there is perhaps a level of concern for one’s own child that I’m not able to relate to. However, I also cannot relate to how, in this day and age, where actual scientific information is so readily available to anyone with internet access, or a visit to any doctor, a truly concerned person cannot (or will not) do their due diligence in learning real, proven facts about the topics they are concerned about.

It is up to the individual to be responsible enough not only to question the norm, consider other points of view and information that may be contrary to what is generally accepted, but also give the same amount of time and effort to understand fully what IS generally accepted, and why that might be. The spread of misinformation, false or misinterpreted science, and in certain cases plain ignorance, cannot be allowed to affect those of us who choose to do our due diligence. There’s really no excuse for it.

It’s true that most people are not scientists. They may not have the background to fully grasp scientific facts or ideas. That’s okay. What’s NOT okay is not ASKING a scientist or doctor, READING credible (CREDIBLE) scientific research (yeah, you’ll have to learn what qualifies as credible and what does not if you really can’t tell), and using this information to become educated.

The reasoning of ‘freedom of choice’ is also not a valid excuse. In the U.S., you are free to choose what you want to do with your life, yes. You are NOT free to put other people in danger due to your choices, as well-meaning as they might be.

If you’re going to provide evidence for your opinion, you better not present something that is a blog, opinion article, conspiracy theory website or some cherry-picked incident. Anyone can write anything on the internet (see, I’m doing it right now!). You better come up with some hard-science, peer-reviewed published papers with data results from experimentation and trials that are AT LEAST as rigorous as what the FDA has to go through (and if you think that’s a joke, you should read up on what the FDA has to do before releasing any medical device or product on the market).

Finally, if you’re going to presume to be smarter or more ‘enlightened’ (wake up sheeple!) than basically ALL doctors and scientists in the world, and dispute years and years of proven scientific research, you better have your shit straight. The movement towards an anti-science, conspiracy theory and fear mongering society that does not trust each other only hurts ALL of us in the long-term.



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