Enough with the Bottled Water

When did bottled water become such a necessity? When producers realized there was a market for this stuff, the advertising went crazy. Basically, put filtered tap water in plastic bottles with images of pretty nature, and sell it as “healthier”, “clean”, and “safe”. The more you hype it, the more people want it.

Unfortunately, we’ve all been had. Most bottled water is tap water- sometimes filtered, sometimes not. It produces an enormous amount of waste – much of which does not get recycled. It also costs you a ton of money – money you could be putting towards something that doesn’t come out of your tap. Finally, contrary to popular belief, bottled water (if not transported across state lines, which it typically isn’t), has less health restrictions on it than tap water.

Why not think about investing in an aluminum or stainless steel bottle? They are cheap, sturdy, reusable, easily cleaned, and last for years. Better yet, you won’t have to spend $1-2.50 per bottle of water out of a vending machine and contribute to all types of environmental degradation.

It’s an easy and cheap solution to a common problem.

Here’s a site that explains these points a little more in detail: 5 Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Water

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