Compostable Laundry Detergent

I spotted this the other day at Fairway. The outer shell (which is normally hard plastic) is made out of ‘compostable’ material. All you need to do when you’re done with the bottle is take out the plastic cap and the inner baggie (which holds the detergent) and dispose of separately.

I just got done with a huge project for school, with one aspect of it regarding ‘compostable’ vs. ‘degradable’ vs ‘recyclable’, etc. “Degradable” is all well and good, but certain conditions have to exist in order for the material to actually break down. This usually requires conditions at a landfill that are not always present in many parts of the country (NYC exports it’s waste, but the landfills we use do NOT meet these requirements).

Compostable is the best option, because to be compostable, the material has to completely break down into organic material in any type of organic waste (ie: food scraps, yard trimmings, etc). So this is a great buy!

See here for more info on compostable vs other “green” products

And of course, Seventh Generation products are always biodegradable (better than degradable), and do not test on animals. And their detergents smell really good.

Try it!

6 Comments on “Compostable Laundry Detergent

  1. I think the price is slightly higher for this packaging. For a bottle this size, I remember paying less for the traditional plastic bottle. However, (if it’s any consolation), this detergent is 4x concentrated, as opposed to the normal 2x concentrated for the other (hard plastic) one.

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