Biodegradable Pens… Sort of

Look at this awesome find! I found these at CVS today, and I couldn’t resist (plus I needed a pen). The shell of the pen is made out of corn-based material, meaning you can throw it out in your compost/garden, or in your regular trash and not feel guilty about wasting plastic!

The only downside to these pens is that you have to actually take them apart to dispose of (instructions are on the back). Not all the parts (the rubber grip, the inside pieces) are biodegradable. Kind of annoying… and the things were made in China –> shipped to Canada –> shipped here. Not very eco-friendly, if you ask me. All that energy for production and then transportation probably offsets the whole corn-based shell thing.

In any case, I support the effort and the fact that the packaging is making people more aware of eco-friendly (sort of) things. Plus, they write nicely and were no more expensive than regular pens.


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